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I want to be able to do Math with Latex as Input

Published 2015-12-25T16:52:00Z by Physics Derivation Graph

Now that I'm using EquationMap for Latex input, the interface problem is effectively solved. Prior to that I developed the d3js-based web browser visualization of the Physics Derivation Graph. The remaining tasks are content entry and checking the graph using a Computer Algebra System (CAS).

The goal would be to enter a derivation (ie the quadratic equation) in Latex via, then have Sage check the resulting graph for correctness.

Although I could do the content entry, I felt there wasn't a point to entering content in a format that isn't amenable to checking with a CAS. Ideally, I want a format that is easy to enter manually, and universally exportable (ie to Maple, Mathematica, Sage, SymPy).

I stumbled upon "Extracting Mathematical Semantics from LATEX Documents" which converts LaTeX math into Abstract Syntax Trees as the universal structure.

The idea of using Latex as the method of entry for mathematical calculations is a common objective, though no one has solved it.