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community growth and diverging interests

Published 2018-06-19T12:30:00.001Z by Physics Derivation Graph

Recently the number of developers involved in the Physics Derivation Graph has started to unexpectedly increase. As the number of people involved grows, the objectives diversify. People with shared interest can progress faster by collaborating.

There are multiple channels for people engaging in the project:

The idea of splitting the team was suggested in order to address the complexity of interaction. Having multiple threads going concurrently can be distracting to members. Then the question is how focused team members can be in the presence of distractions.

I usually let things like this go until there's a clear need for change. The necessity of the change usually helps push which option is preferable. Thinking ahead about potential change is useful, but the action can be delayed until needed. 

Once the split occurs, what coordination among the groups is needed? How does it occur?