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improving efficiency of manually entered content

Published 2019-07-28T20:29:00Z by Physics Derivation Graph

One of the major barriers to growth for the Physics Derivation Graph will be manual entry of expressions in support of derivations. Reducing "minor" inconveniences and adding "minor" help features can improve the user experience, the consistency of content, and the throughput of content creation.

As an example, for a given step in a derivation the user will need to specify the inference rule. Manually typing the name is laborious and induces cognitive burden. An "autocomplete" feature reduces labor but still requires thinking. A dropdown menu of all possible inference rules could be used, but a reduction to a dropdown with only relevant inference rules is better.

Similarly for manually entering expressions, autocompletion is helpful. Being able to specify which expression that has been previously entered is better.

A drag-and-drop interface for connecting nodes in the graph would be ideal.