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avoiding the need for logins in the Physics Derivation Graph website

Published 2020-03-14T01:19:00.002Z by Physics Derivation Graph

Now that the PDG interface is a webpage, and users (not just developers) are the audience, there is a question of whether users of the website need accounts.

User accounts

Having an account would enable persistence of data specific to one user.

No users accounts

Live use without an account, modeled after services like  and, enable users to explore the capabilities without need for registering and creating a password.

Data could be uploaded and download

Source code

Historically the Physics Derivation Graph was developed on the command line using bash and Python. This implied a single user.
The source code was available, so other developers could pull a local copy to make edits.

API calls

This would allow interfaces to be developed that are independent of the backend.