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prioritization of tasks: who is the audience? Answer: me in the role of a user

Published 2020-04-30T14:44:00.001Z by Physics Derivation Graph

The Physics Derivation Graph has a backlog of tasks, including bugs and feature requests.
Having an objective would facilitate prioritization of the tasks.

I grappled with two candidate objectives:
These two objectives lead to different prioritizations. For example, resolving the login capability is vital for the second objective and not for the first. In the first objective, I would be better off just running a local Docker image and posting static content to the website. 

I realized I could unify these two objectives as
I don't care whether there are other users at this point, but I do want to use the website as though I were a user.

This objective is written as a story in which value is provided to the user. Here I am the user and the value is documenting derivations on the web.