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d3js for hire on freelancer

Published 2020-05-21T16:56:00Z by Physics Derivation Graph

I like d3js as a presentation method but don't have a lot of motive to learn javascript.
There's a backlog of d3js tasks that are well defined:

I'm thinking about paying a developer (or multiple developers) to implement very specific features. I would provide a working example as a JSfiddle and then I would ask for a specific feature (like "prevent images from overlapping" or "hyperlink images") with the solution being a modification to the JSfiddle with no dependencies other than d3js.

On the site Freelancer I posted $120 to my account (with a $3.06 charge). Then I had to verify the card.
I quickly got a bid and awarded the $20 since the bidder provided a video showing they had a working solution. I inspected the result and it wasn't quite what I wanted -- they had hyperlinked the node circle rather than the node image. They made the change and I sent them the award.
Freelancer charged $3 for the transaction.

Balance: $123.06 - ($3.06 loading fee to freelancer) - ($20 to bidder) - ($3 fee to freelancer) = $97