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transition from "validation of concept" to "usable by other people"

Published 2020-08-16T14:12:00.001Z by Physics Derivation Graph

My initial intent with the Physics Derivation Graph was to validate the concept of using a graph as a data structure for mathematical Physics. Creating the website was an important milestone -- I was proud of the content and the presentation. The previous website ( felt like merely a step beyond having a public code repo since the content was limited to displaying graphs.

Now I can direct people to the website and not feel embarrassed by the limitations imposed by the host. The limitations of are due to my creativity and technical skill.

The consequence of feedback from interested people has been increased awareness of the roughness of the code. The code (HTML, Python, JSON) is not something I would find accessible if I were reviewing the project.

Actions I can take to improve the accessibility of the code: