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assessment of current status of the Physics Derivation Graph and plans for what is next

Published 2021-08-14T11:01:00.003Z by Physics Derivation Graph

What has been done

Problems with the current approach

(1) In the process of showing that the math in a paper is correct, I decouple the math from the original paper. There is no connection between the equations in the text of a paper and the mathematical validation. As consequences,
(2) There is a second decoupling between the latex and the computer algebra system representation.

(3) Not all steps needed for a formalized derivation are present in the text of a paper, so a way of including those is needed.

(4) Some expressions for a derivation are inline text rather than numbered expressions. It is possible to number and label inline equations; see and

Defining a gold standard

The unique value of the physics derivation graph is the mathematical correctness of statements made in a paper, and forcing the enumeration of assumptions and approximations. On a larger scale, papers could reference each other's equations, based on the assumption the variables are consistent. 

A useful exercise is to imagine the ideal outcome. 
There is a version of owl for physics variables? QUDT