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comparison of Latex versus knowledge management efforts

Published 2021-08-08T15:26:00.002Z by Physics Derivation Graph

In this post I assess why Latex is widely use and knowledge management efforts are not. 
I'm using the spectrum documented in this previous post.

Latex for typesetting scientific documents

Latex was free, open source, well designed, solved a specific problem that had been unaddressed, the problem was felt by the content creators, is comprehensive, written by a single author, and the author was famous.

Now Latex has a user community, developers, libraries of software, reference books, support on multiple operating systems as well as the web.

Anything seeking to augment or displace Latex will need a value differentiation that is felt by content creators. 

Semantic enrichment

Manual annotation or supervised machine learning may be incomplete if there are missing steps or assumptions.

"Better search" isn't a problem felt by content creators. This need is somewhat addressed by citations. 

I'm not aware of any models of success for semantic enrichment.

Controlled Natural Languages

Not widely adopted: Mizar, ForTheL, Physics Derivation Graph

I'm not aware of any models of success for CNLs.

Formal Verification

Lean, Coq, Isabelle, 

Burdensome to learn and to use.