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refocusing the motivation for the Physics Derivation Graph

Published 2021-08-21T00:58:00.003Z by Physics Derivation Graph

The following aspects are "nice-to-have" in the Physics Derivation Graph:

The core objective of the Physics Derivation Graph is identifying the mathematical connectivity of the various domains of Physics. The same connectivity should be able to relate "basic" Physics (e.g., F=ma) to advanced Physics (e.g., the theory of the Standard model, string theory). 

I know of two ways to document the connectivity:
The symbol re-use is less interesting than the re-use of expressions. 

I've previously documented a plan,
but I didn't specify what would qualify as sufficient to show completeness. 

What core expressions are representative of all of Physics? Are there a set of expressions that, if shown to be connected by derivations, would be sufficient to demonstrate the span of the concept?

I expect that, for any given subdomain of Physics, there are central expressions. The task list is then
  1. identify every named expression in Physics
  2. identify every variable in that list of named expressions
  3. enter all named expressions and variables into the PDG database
  4. determine which expressions are not connected to anything