Roadmap for Formal Mathematical Physics Content


Explanation: While the tagging of content in a Latex document (e.g., sections, words, expressions) can be useful for linking and searches, there are many implied steps in the original Latex document that are undocumented. The Physics Derivation Graph is a way to document all the implied steps and their associated inference rules.

Who does the work: manual entry using a webform.

Motivation for the work: clearer connectivity of derivation steps. Enables validation of steps.

  1. lecture video
  2. hand-written notes
  3. Latex document
  4. Content tags
  5. tags for sections and words and expressions
  6. concepts to variables
  7. all steps
  8. derivation graph
  9. replace symbols with numeric ID
  10. validation of steps
  11. validation of dimension
  12. proof of inference rule
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source: "Derivation of Gravitational Potential Energy" by Rhett Allain

scenario description Suppose an
tangible entityobject
initial conditionstarts an
locationinfinite distance
from a
tangible entitymoon
and is dropped, falling towards the moon
due to gravitational acceleration.
question What is the speed of the object when it is distance \(r\) from the moon?
figure of scenario
Figure 1: small mass falling towards a moon from initial position at infinity.

The following is from the Physics Derivation Graph