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Explanation: Here the focus is on a single inference rule and verifying the inference rule with respect to a logical basis like Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory in a formal proof assistent like Coq or Lean.

This validation per inference rule would need to be applied to each inference rule used in the derivation.

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  8. derivation graph
  9. replace symbols with numeric ID
  10. validation of steps
  11. validation of dimension
  12. proof of inference rule
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The expression \begin{equation} \frac{1}{2} m_1 v^2 = \frac{G m_1 m_2}{r} \label{eq:initial} \end{equation} reduces to \begin{equation} v^2 = \frac{2Gm_2}{r} \end{equation} when both sides of Eq.~\ref{eq:initial} are multiplied by $$2/m_2$$

(Insert proof of "multiply both sides by" here)