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derivation name number of steps shares expressions with
Euler equation proof 12
Euler equation: trig square root 16
Euler equation: trigonometric relations 12
Maxwell equations to electric field wave equation 12
curl curl identity 9
derivation of Schrodinger Equation 39
electric field wave equation: from time dependent to time independent 11
frequency relations 11
integration by parts 5
particle in a 1D box 39
quadratic equation derivation 15
quantum basics Hermitian operators have realvalued observables 7
quantum basics orthogonality 9
variance relation 6
Compton's equation for scattering 8
identity sin(2 x) = 2 sin(x) cos(x) using Euler's equation 9
Euler equation to e^(i pi) + 1 = 0 6
time invariant force conserves energy 32
escape velocity 23
Schwarzschild radius for non-rotating black hole 4
coefficient of thermal expansion using the equation of state for an ideal gas 9
equations of motion in 2D (calculus) 40
angle of maximum distance for projectile motion 23
Newton's Law of Gravitation 19
radius for satellite in geostationary orbit 16
dfmadsifmimasdfiagi 2
equations of motion in 1D with constant acceleration - SUVAT (algebra) 31
velocity at distance r of object dropped from infinity 26
coefficient of isothermal compressibility using the equation of state for an ideal gas 9
speed of Earth around Sun 13
first law of thermodynamics 12
optics: Law of refraction to Brewster's angle 15
mass of the Earth 12
double intensity when phase is coherent (optics) 33
Lorentz transformation 30
upper limit on velocity in condensed matter 20
equation of motion for a spring 15
total electrical resistance for circuit with two resistors in parallel 10
hyperbolic trigonometric identities 28
Langmuir Adsorption 20
Kepler's Third Law: period squared propto distance cubed 20
frequency and period 4
total electrical resistance for circuit with two resistors in series 8
projectile path in 2D is parabolic 5
work and force and energy 9
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